WORKING HUNTER Training & Competition

Working Hunter Training (also Open to Non-Competitors) will be provided in the form of 45 minute Private or Shared Lessons from 4 to 8:30pm on Wednesday & Thursday Evening. You will go through the riding of your show and have a sneak preview of the jumps.

The Competition will be on Friday Evening, generously run & supported by LME Events Comittee. Starting at 5pm there will be two classes:

  • Up to 50cms
  • Up to 80cms

Please put ALL ENTRIES with PAYMENTS in the LME Events Committee Mail Box located to the left of the Entrance Door to Jam & Joust by 6pm on WEDNESDAY 19th MAY 2017.

As always, competitors will be responsible for the care of their ponies and cleanliness of your area on the night of the competition.

Non-livery owners who wish to compete should speak to their instructor to discuss suitability before entering.

Please note: All obstacles are subject to changes to suit horse/rider combinations.