Yesterday, we had a great day here at LME. Amongst all the usual hustle and bustle of the weekend, we had 2 Very Special Birthday Parties.

In the first party, we had a VIP Guest…. It was Leo’s 5th Birthday Party with his friends from school and Spider-Man is his favourite Character therefore it would be rude not to have…..


A fantastic afternoon including Grooming our Mini Ponies – Mars Bar & Milky Way, a riding lesson in which all guests learnt to Walk, Stop, Turn and Trot culminating in some Pony Gymkhana games! Once all of the riding was done, they moved on up to the Cafe to enjoy a wonderful Afternoon Tea provided by Jam & Joust.

(L-R) Seb & Iori, Sabrina, Evan & Romeo, Rebecca, Ava & Harley, Jessie, Leo & Spider-Pony (aka Richard!), Esme, Catrin & Harri, Jazzie, Ella-Rae & Professor and Elin.

In the second party of the Afternoon, our good friend, Catrin was celebrating her 9th Birthday Party with her friends.

They enjoyed turning Mars Bar and MilkyWay into Mini-Unicorns and plaited their Manes & Tails before their riding. Catrin had spent all afternoon getting her Ponies ready which meant they were gleaming in the afternoon!



A fantastic day was had by all and I have no doubt we slept well last night!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂