Pony Day No. 2 Done & Dusted!

? Another Fantastic Pony Day here at LME today! ?
?Congratulations to all of our #Winners!?
Today’s Improver Of The Day Awards went to ✨Dion James✨, ✨William Hollman✨ & ✨Zara Yaseen✨ – Congratulations! ?
♥️♥️♥️As always, a HUGE THANK-YOU to our RSAs who make it all possible!♥️♥️♥️
Thank you all for coming ♥️ – I think it’s fair to say everyone will sleep well tonight ??
We hope to see you all again soon ?
Have a lovely evening ?

4th – Coppa’s Team – (L-R) Phoenix, Freya, Molly, Catrin, Emilia, May, Macey & Zara

3rd – Harley’s Team – (L-R) Megan, Ruby, Leo, Eliza, Beatrice, Dion, Hannah, Seren & Nyla!

2nd – Harri’s Team – (L-R) Logan, Leo, Charlie, Olivia, Annie, Grace, Kian & Zazzy!

THE WINNERS! – China Doll’s Team – Ella-Rae, Angelina, Elin, Maddy, Alex, Jessica, Gabriel & William!

The Whole Crew!!

Our IMPROVER OF THE DAY Winners! – (L-R) Dion James, William Hollman & Zara Yaseen!