Liege Manor takes total care of your horse or pony.


A typical day:

  • 30am – All horses are fed, hayed and mucked out. Stabled animals enjoy rubber matting with a thick bed of shavings or straw on top.
  • 30pm – All horses are re-hayed and skipped out and beds are set fair
  • 00pm – All horses are again re-hayed and skipped
  • 30pm – All horses are given their pm feed
  • 00pm – Re-hayed and skipped
  • 30pm – Checked and re-hayed if necessary


  • There is always a senior member of the team providing 24/7 supervision.
  • Use of all facilities at no extra charge are standard, subject to availability.
  • Livery Clients also receive a discount on lessons.
  • Ridden Exercise by arrangement


Liege Manor takes responsibility for shoeing, worming, annual and bi-annual vaccinations, dental care, back checks, and any necessary veterinary visits. Tack is cleaned and checked for safety weekly. Tack and rug maintenance is also catered for.


When a horse comes here on Working Livery, there are initially two options:

  • Working Livery – Stabled

Horses and ponies on working livery receive exactly the same care and benefits as full livery they just work approximately 8 hours per week in lessons to subside the cost, (hours worked in the school can vary by arrangement).


  • Working Livery – Loose Housed

Horses and ponies that are 'loose housed' are bedded on straw and receive 'ad lib' high quality forage, always available to them in large feeders. Because of the high nutritional value of this forage few need additional hard feed. Animals that are loose housed are at liberty to interact as a normal herd.


*Please Note that any horse wishing to come here on Working Livery will be required to come first on Full Livery in order to allow staff & Instructors to assess suitability.

In order for any horse/pony to be integrated into our loose-housing complex, we will need to apply structure for safety reasons. If, for any reason, the horse/pony does not mix with the other horses & ponies, we may decide that Stabling is the only option.

For Livery Prices please click the link.