Pamper Package (Our Horse)

Our ‘Pamper Package’, for our horses/ponies, enables people to enjoy the fantastic benefits of having a horse, without everything else that goes with it! It is often a starting point for people before they go on to purchase their own horses and we also have many long-standing livery clients who provide a wealth of love and care towards our horses, as if they were their own. The Pamper Package is best suited to those who may not be confident riding with-out an Instructor, both adult & child!

‘Owners’ on the Pamper Package are not permitted to ride outside of any lessons and will not receive Livery Discount.


Our horses and ponies are contracted to work 16 hours per week, there would be very few who would work over 10 hours per week. Around their work, our Owners are able to pamper them at their own leisure!

Upon becoming an ‘Owner’ of a horse/pony, you will be given details of when your horse/pony usually works, the schools’ schedule and all the other information you may require!

Whether your horse is loose-housed or stabled differs on individual horses/ponies. If your horse/pony is in the loose-housing complex and RSA Stable Yard Rules must be adhered to always.


*Please Note that any horse/pony is subject to being loaned at any time. Each horse/pony will only have ONE Owner at any one time although exceptions may be made for families, etc.

They are all subject to change at any time.

For Livery Prices please click the link.