Contract Explained

Loan Agreement and the Contract – explained.

The Benefits

  • To give you the opportunity to 'own' a horse or pony without having to lay out the initial cost of buying.
  • Buying a horse or pony is riskier than buying a 'used car.' This way you know that your pony is safe and sound and will hopefully provide you with hours of fun and enjoyment and not, as is often the case, hours of tears and heartache.
  • As children grow, mentally and physically they outgrow their ponies. Children definitely find it easier to move up to another pony without having the trauma of selling their beloved pony, safe with the knowledge that his/her future is secured here at Liege Manor with a waiting list of children ready to take them on and love them. I generally choose not to sell the L.M.E. horses and ponies because I want to retain control of their future lives, happiness, health and general well-being.
  • You do not have the commitment of visiting the horse twice daily as is the situation with 'Do it Yourself' livery Yards.
  • The horse is cared for by professionals thus reducing the risk of inadvertently inflicting, by inexperience or lack of knowledge, health problems – regrettably such situations are extremely common, or creating problems and issues whilst riding or handling etc. again extremely common!
  • The horse continues to be educated and is never allowed to be 'naughty'. This generous attitude continues in the one-to-one relationship that develops with the owner. Horses/ponies are very bright and can develop bad habits very quickly. If they ever learn that they can say 'No', we as handlers and riders put ourselves in a very dangerous situation.
  • Advice and assistance is available 24hrs a day.
  • Horses/ponies on working livery work approximately 8 hrs per week. They are yours to enjoy for the remainder of the week, and we always try to arrange their work around the owner's requirements.
  • There are lots of other owners so friends and riding companions are provided.


All packages can be tailored to individual requirements but as a guide prices start at £30 for ponies that live in the loose housing unit and £42 per week for animals that are stabled.


Insurance cover for horses and ponies must be discussed with Sarah as individual requirements vary greatly. For example, if you have one of our competition ponies and intend to compete at external events insurance is a must, however if you have one of our senior schoolmasters as your first pony insurance for the animal is not necessary. You will, however, need to insure the rider.


Tack can be rented at a cost of approximately £4 per week.