It’s A Wrap.. And You Can See AND DO It All Here!!

??? WOW!!! ???

We are absolutely speechless at the way our #3DayChallenge has come out…?? & now its available for all to see!! ?


Georgia and Terry connected on Social Media. Terry works with his own charity, The Terry Dunnage Foundation, and his current project is doing a variety of #3DayChallenges to #InspireThroughAction and prove that #DisabilityIsNotInability ????
Cut a long story short, it was decided that Terry and his team from Mellow9 Productions would join #TeamLME for a ‘Learn To Ride Crash Course’ as part of the #3DayChallenges. The beginning of June was when it suited all parties, so that was when the magic would happen! ??
Terry had ZERO ⭕️ riding experience when he came to us, so it was going to be a challenge, we thought! ?
It turned out that Terry was a complete natural on horseback #PotLuck?
We were able to handpick 3 fantastic horses, perfectly suited for the job, in Charlie Brown, Finnigan and Mayhem. ??


We were also joined by our good friend, Michelle, who kindly gave Mayhem a tattoo matching Terry’s – Now that’s #MatchyMatchy at its best?!!!

Who would have thought that you could go from a #NonRider to a #CourseRider in the space of 2 Days?!?

Take a look at our videos to see how it all went! ??

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

A HUGE Thank You to Terry, Adrian, Jed and Jake for choosing us to be a part of your journey!❤️❤️

? If you think you might like to have a go, please visit our website or Contact Us for further information❤️

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