Holiday Activities


Upcoming Dates: Wednesday 31st October 2018

During every school holidays #TeamLME holds day courses for children.

The course incorporates:

  • Riding

  • Pony Care Topics e.g. Grooming, Colours of the Horse, Points of the Pony, etc.

  • Learning-based Activities

  • Lunchtime

  • Fun Time – quiz/treasure hunt/games on learnt topics

  • Mounted Pony Games

  • + More…

The day starts at 10.30am and finishes at 3.30pm. From 2.30pm friends and family are invited to come and watch the mounted games offering support to their favourite team!

Your child will have the option of Lunch provided by our café, Jam & Joust, or to bring a packed lunch with them. We suggest that they are equipped for the likely weather turns, for example, sun-cream or a good coat!

At the end of the games, all teams will gain a placings rosette and a souvenir rosette. Our Instructors will also pick 2-3 participants for our ‘Improver Of The Day Award’ depending on performances throughout all activities, throughout the day.

Our aim is for children and young people to learn basic equine knowledge, whilst having a wealth of fun and making lots of new friends.

Each will include riding and stable management, with fun and games in the afternoon. Any Pony Club members will have the chance to earn some extra badges through our Pony Days.

Spaces are limited, please see a member of staff to book or call 01446 781648.



During most School Holidays, we will hold a Competition Day in a specific discipline.

Our Competition Days aim to provide riders with a mock-competition situation in order to identify any problems or increase confidence.

A typical Show Jumping Competition Day will include a ‘Meet & Group’ at 10:00am followed by a quick discussion on a chosen show-related topic e.g. appropriate clothing, related rules, etc.

All members will be split into handicap-style groups – A and B, chosen on ability, confidence, knowledge and experience. All participants will then be given the chance to walk the course independently and get a feel for what they think. Everyone will then re-group and walk the course with an Instructor. During the morning, each group will be given the chance to ride around the course of fences with the help of an instructor and analyse performances.

After lunch, a Competition will be launched! The afternoon is run as a handicap (One Course – 2 Groups – 2 Heights) where all participants will have their chanced to improve on their performance of the morning and practice jump-off skills. Once everyone is finished, all ponies are put to bed with a presentation of all placings and prizes to conclude.

They run from 10:00am until approximately 4:00pm, although the finish time depends on the running of the day.

If you would like any further information, please Contact Us.



Liege Manor Equestrian Centre is a fantastic base for a holiday with your horse. Accommodation can be organised just 2 minutes away in welcoming B&Bs or stay on site in your horse box. The Vale of Glamorgan offers spectacular riding in country parks and along the coast.

Additionally, lesson packages can be organised to suit individual requirements.


Private, group and family packages can be organised to suit individual requirements.