Group Lessons


We run regular group lessons every day, except Mondays.

Our groups are made-up of people with similar abilities, although for children we also include age and experience in our decisions.

Our clients generally ride in our groups on a weekly basis but riding on a fortnightly basis is also an option.

Generally, our adult’s groups are in the evenings during the week and around lunchtime on both weekend days.

The more advanced young people’s groups are early evenings and on the weekends.

The younger or more inexperienced children’s groups are throughout the days on the weekends.

We run a different theme to the groups on a weekly basis including a mountain of variety! If you have a favourite topic you would like us to cover as a ‘Theme Of The Week’ you are more than welcome to suggest it to us! All groups will follow the theme wherever appropriate although activities will vary dependant on knowledge, understand and experience.

You can view our Rider Regulations or Terms & Conditions here.


GROUP LENGTH Usual Timings Avg. Number


1 Hour 6-9pm,



(Regular Riders)

Teenagers/Experienced Children 1 Hour 4-8pm,



(Regular Riders)


Children (from 3yrs)

½ Hour  



(Regular Riders)

*All information stated above is an estimate and subject to change at any time.